Suraj Kushwah

Hello Friend, welcome to my corner of the internet. I am bugswriter and my real name is on top of the site. I am a 23 old guy from India, who loves computers and softwares. I am also a CS grad. and a Linux Youtuber. But most importantly I am a man of culture.

This place is home for all my psychological dysfunctioning.
A place where I am in control, with no censorship or manupilation.
A place where my words don't get mixed up with noise.
Question Answer
Movies? The Social Network, Never Let Me Go
TV Show? Mr Robot, Silicon Valley
Games? Counter Strike, The Elder Scrolls, Age of empires 2
Anime? Attack on Titan, Serial Ex. Lain, Spy x Family
Sport? Chess, Badminton

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  • This website was started on 13-Sep-2021.