Suraj Kushwah

Hello Friend, welcome to my corner of the internet. I am bugswriter and my real name is on top of the site. I am a 23 old guy from India, who loves computers and softwares. I am also a CS grad. and a Linux Youtuber. But most importantly I am a man of culture.

This place is home for all my psychological dysfunctioning.
A place where I am in control, with no censorship or manupilation.
A place where my words don't get mixed up with noise.
my random liking
$ ls liking/* | shuf -n 1
Question Answer
Movies? The Social Network, Never Let Me Go
TV Show? Mr Robot, Silicon Valley
Games? Counter Strike, The Elder Scrolls, Age of empires 2
Anime? Attack on Titan, Spy X Family, One Punch Man
Sport? Chess, Badminton

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  • This website was started on 13-Sep-2021.