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Stop thinking from dick

What this title mean?

First of all this blog is only for 16+ straight male. It is for those people who get excited when they see a female body. It is also for simps. Basically if you should do A but your lust wants to do B and you end up doing B. You should start read this blog.

Figure 1: Bunch of pretty ladies.

Figure 1: Bunch of pretty ladies.

Lets understand the problem.

  • Have you ever tried to talk to a girl, even though she is not interested?

  • Have you ever clicked on some youtube video just because you found a hot girl in thumbnail?

  • Have you ever felt “She is such a nice and kind person.” Just because she is she and not he.

  • Have you ever checkout a girl in some public place, because she look “So damm hot”.

  • Have you ever felt your youtube, instagram or may be tik tok feed is showing too many girls with huge tits and small nipples?

    If any of this happen with you, well you are nothing but a normal guy. This is how nature created us. Which is understandable. But remember - we are not dogs, we are humans.

Figure 2: A quote from Saitama (One Punch Man Character).

Figure 2: A quote from Saitama (One Punch Man Character).

Don’t be Dickelligent. Be Intelligent.

Why you are like this?

  • Why you give a flying fuck just because a girl is pretty?

  • Why our brain can’t control stupid emotions (are these truly emotions)?

  • Why you don’t believe a girl is just a girl and not a fucking angel?

  • Why you make a person special in your head even before she say a single word to you?

  • Why you can’t just let a girl go, Why you have to see her (this might be just Indian men thing)?

    Simple answer You have no self discipline. Not having self discipline is one of the biggest problem in modern days. Today we got so many stuff around us. Which makes achiveing self discipline impossible.

What is the harm with this nature?

1% of you might still think, what’s the problem? I am just a normal guy, doing normal guys thing. True. To be honest I never carry one single opnion. I always believe I don’t know what is right. My opinion change quickly. I am nihilist. Nothing matters. You can become whatever you want. You don’t have to be hard on yourself. Life is meaningless anyway. Fuck Philosophy.

But still for sake of argument. I got some points for you -

  • This nature makes you vurnerable, which means You are easily exploitable. In fact you are getting exploited already. So many instagram models make so much money out of your time. You don’t even realize when they sell you stuff you never needed. We are not living in a civilized society bro. We are living in middle of immoral assholes. Because we are assholes. People use women to sell products. They say “sex sells”. Because of your nature.
  • You get distracted. Everyone want to be special, in our heads we all think, we will impress this girl. We will do this. We always dream. But tell me, do you really believe you can achieve a bit of your imaginary success, if all it take a single thumbnail of a hot girl to ruin your 10 min. This is a very weak nature my friend. You have to do something about it.
  • You can lose your self respect. I know this happen, girls don’t have dick but girl can be a dick. But instead of saying fuck off and move on with your goals. You get bias, you think she is an angel. Because you think with dick. You lose your self respect. You might be wrong. She can truly be an angel. But dude no one is corrert or perfect. Sometimes you have to be an assholes, for yourself. For your self respect. But this nature stops you. Some guys end up begging just because they think from dick.
  • Don’t be an average person. At least try to get better. Don’t let your dick dictate you. Think with brain. Make decision and then do what you decide. Don’t let a girl be in your way.
  • South Park’s Butter said once.

Things you can do?

If you believe this is the problem. I think it’s a huge win. Most guys don’t even see it as a problem. First of all it’s hard to control emotions. But here matter is not just emotion. Emotions are good. It comes from heart not dick. The bigger issue is dick. You think from dick. Sometimes you become a dick.

I remember a line from a monk. I don’t remember complete things so I might fuck up. “If you cut a girl into peices. You will see blood, flesh and bones. Which of her assets will excite your the most” I said this like in a weird way but let it be. I believe no part will excite you (unless you are a cannibal, which is a different case). Now I know, This is so lame and stupid. But if looking things like this helps, I see nothing wrong. It is still better than my last method “Chop off your penis”.

Be a legend. Make small steps.

Next time when you see a girl in public or anywhere. Try not to checkout her. This will not just help you, It will also help her, because no girl like creep guys eyes on her. I live in India, here everytime I see a girl in public. I do this. I start looking at all the guys. They look like an asshole. Lusty creeps and I feel enlightened, because I worked on myself and I stopped thinking from dick. I still sometimes stuck with emotion part but at least I don’t scroll my instagram to see models like my friends. Because I don’t use instagram and all that crap.

Use tricks whatever trick you find. But tricks are cheap. Cause is bigger. It will be better if instead of tricks. You get self control, self discipine. Not doing something just because you should not. No trick is bigger than will. If you make a will to not think from dick. You will succeed.

I play a game Morrowind. It’s a RPG game. You make your character. Each character have attributes. One attribute is willpower. Life is like game too. You are just a character. In game you can see your willpower. But in real life it’s hidden.

Remember to not forget this problem. Write it down somewhere. Because most of the time people tends to forget. They read these kind of stuff get a temperory motivation boost. Motivation is for idiots. You can get scammed with Motivation. Think and do what is right. Don’t get scammed. I am serious. If you deciding to change. Write this down and check that note after a year.

One last word

I am not saying don’t approach girl, don’t make girlfriend. One can be self disciplined and stud at same time. Infact if you stop this nature, you will get more attention from girls. This is sad but true, the more attention you give to a girl. Less interested she will get in you. But none of this nonsense apply on love. I haven’t even touched the topic of love. It’s hard for me to explain but I believe you are also not a fucking idiot. You know what I said and you will figure things out.

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