Suraj Kushwah

Chill vlogs by Pema Lotus


Has this ever happened to you, you met someone or watched his videos, and within a few seconds, you just fell in love. You are like Dayum this person is so cool. This happened to me after watching Pema Lotus.

I'm completely out of that youtube bubble, where I care about any Youtuber. I never watch any YouTubers videos. But when I find some non-corporate kind of channel, where a person just makes videos out of fun, and show some actual interest. Just like how youtube was supposed to be (a video diary), I like it.

Checkout - Pema Lotus Channel

Pema Lotus channel is exactly, what youtube should be. She is some random person born in the northeast. Make videos about her life. You can call it vlogs. I found her channel and thanks to her, I finally found a good place to visit next summer.

One of my favorite Korean movies is "Little Forest", the movie shows the beauty of living in a village. In that movie, you will see beautiful farms and some struggles of farmers. Living a healthy lifestyle. Cooking food and peaceful life, devoid of the city's rat race.

After watching that movie, I wanted to visit a place like that. But sadly, I wasn't able to find any place like that in India.

Thanks to Pema Lotus. I found out about "Tuting" a town in Anuranchal Pradesh. This place gives a similar vibe to the Korean village I saw in the movie. Within 2-3 videos of her, I decided, this summer 1-month trip is a sure deal from my side.

I love watching local people's vlogs of their land and not some foreigners. Her vlogs truly show - why this is true. The amount of insight I get about the place is much better in comparison to videos by some metro politician city person visiting and telling about what's where?

Besides all this, this girl DAYUM. You might know, I crave aesthetic vibes, she knows what aesthetic is. She is cute as a doll. I know, Simping on a random northeast girl online is the least I can achieve, but be honest, can you achieve this 100%? I feel like she is a gem. The sad part is most of her videos she speaks in the local language. But still, I love them. She single-handedly convinced me to visit northeast India. Without her, I would have never found out about "Tuting". I would have just visited NE India just from outside.

She also represents the culture of the Northeast which I know is very beautiful. I visited Himachal this year and I made some friends in the mountain areas. I have seen their lives.

ps: i got no money for writing this!