Suraj Kushwah

First Blog


So today at mid night, I am writing this blog and I am very excited about it. Because this is my first blog on my website. I always wanted this. My own place on "The Internet", where I can write whatever I want. I don't like getting censored. This is the main reason why I chose to write here, instead of structuring my rant into 280 character on twitter.

Internet is an amazing place, It changed my life. I don't want to go deep on Internet situation. Since this is my first blog, this is going to be completely topicless.

What's the deal here?

Some words regarding my poor writing

I want to make this clear, I am not good with English. So don't expect good literature from me. I write in exact same manner I speak. I would love to get corrected so if you find any spelling mistake or grammar mistake please contact me.

How I got inspiration to start this blog?

I visited Richard Stallman Personal Website and I love it. He is my true inpiration. The way he right against non free softwares, it motivated me to do the same.

On this blog I will write about..

In the end

I will try very hard to write regularly. So please subscribe to Atom feed for regular updates and make sure to give feedbacks.