Suraj Kushwah

List of blog posts -

Here is the list of my blogs, i write tons of bullshit after two drinks and forget later.

Rise of Dank Linux Users


Are you a FOSS and Linux lover? Are you a creative computer user? Well then for you my friend, I started a community called Dank Linux Users. Please Join and be a regular member.


Second strike on youtube


I got second strike on my youtube channel. My first strike will expire on 14 Nov, if I got third strike before 14 Nov - goodbye bugswriter.


New editor for channel


When I was jobless, I started making and uploading videos on youtube, I love making videos (no). Editing was always my hobby. But after I got a real job, keeping up with channel got very hard for me.


Why I love Elliot's character?


I love Mr Robot, it's deep, beautiful and sad. We can anytime do an endless discussion on show's plot, characters and intention. But here I just want to pick Elliot's character and talk about what I love the most in him and what everyone can learn from him.