Suraj Kushwah

❝ What I wouldn't give to be normal.
To live in that bubble of the naive. ❞

You want to know me?

You know what they say? When someone asks Tell me about yourself? It almost feels like someone allowed them to sing an old song. Same lyrics with some variables in it.

Name, Profession, Location. A formality which give a sense of 'We know this person'. Funny isn't it? Because none of this basic indentity information truly describe a person.

A person is more than just that - or is he?

Whatever it is...

I find it very boring. I believe knowing a person is an art. It's like an open world game, you don't know a person you explore him, more you explore, more you get comfortable. Thousands of stories and choices, one leading to another. A storyline with the addition of some genes which buils personality.

You know what we learn when we play too many games? At some point we start recognizing patterns. We realize every game is just similar. It might look different from the outside, but inside it's always some programming logic. One can play this game for many reasons. It's like when a hacker understands a system mostly because he is curious. A mindset which seeks for the reason behind all the visible actions. But sometimes it's more than just that. Sometimes it's about getting the control or it can be for fixing a vurnerability.

Most people don't play games out of love or care. It's always about power.

When you truly know the game it's not very hard to kill, break, or exploit it.

Games can be revolutionary, ordinary, interesting, overrated, underrated, boring, full of shit. In fact some games are so horrible. It just needs to die ASAP.

I know, I should stop my crazy talk. It's time to fit myself into a frame built by society. A frame which makes it easy to distinguish between Good or Bad, Right or Wrong. Rules which give simplicity to this complex world and purpose to our lives.

So you are here to know about me?

I always make this game hard for others. As I have said before, a 'hacker doesn't just exploit, he also patches'. The best way to patch your vurnerabilities - is to stop living in ignorance. Start being honest with yourself. Sadly, today our society is filled with fake people. No one is truly real. Our emotions like guilt, ego, anger, fear always stops us from looking at ourselves. We all lost touch with honesty the moment we lost our innocence.

I don't want to be ordinary, I want to make a difference, be great. But at what cost?

Name one hero, who was happy?

(it was a rhetorical question)